Marginalized people are facing multiple challenges. A holistic approach is needed to build skills and resiliency. ​



We rely on a holistic approach that gives equal weight to social, cultural, spiritual, and economic dimensions by designing comprehensive strategies to help vulnerable individuals become productive community members.
Vulnerable groups face multiple challenges. A holistic approach is needed to build social/life skills and resiliency.

Specifically, IARC will coordinate research activities in the following three centers:

Hope for a Brighter Future Academy – “Youth Center”

Juvenile Offenders Center

Reentrants/Parents Center


An Interdisciplinary group of academics and practitioners decided to initiate a longitudinal action research project aimed at determining and assessing evidence-based interventions targeting the reentrant, unsheltered neighbor, veteran, and chemically-dependent population's successful reentry into society.
IARC promotes an innovative, comprehensive, and practical approach to action research combining three target populations: children who experienced severe trauma, juvenile offenders, and reentrants. The concept builds a foundation of support networks based on specialized education, training, mentoring, job placement, academic advising, college prep, and other practical interventions.

Gedeon M. Mudacumura,Ph.D.

"Long-term ongoing follow-up is the hallmark of this research project. This continuous follow-up will enable the research participants to stay fully engaged in socioeconomic activities, thus maximizing the likelihood of breaking the cycle of vulnerability."

Lenneal Henderson, Ph.D.

"Action and participatory action research to prevent recidivisim and advance re-integration with social systems."
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